Retiree Specialist

Let Your Lifestyle Define How You Live!

You have worked hard. Career. Perhaps family or caring for others. This is the time in your life when you can take some time for you and really enjoy all that life has to offer.

Shouldn’t your living space be a reflection of that?

I specialize in helping retirees find the perfect property to finally enjoy all those activities you always wanted to have more time for. Now is the time! Golf, hiking, or even the convenience of being able to lock your condo and townhouse for months on end to enjoy a warmer climate down south – if you can dream it, I will deliver it.

Don’t be dragged down by a home that no longer meets your needs. Let’s talk about the type of home and location that will feed your soul. I would be thrilled to help you on your journey!

Services Include:

  • Lifestyle and Home Matching Consultation
  • Lifestyle and Home Matching Research
  • Concierge area search
  • Concierge home search
  • Communication with your accountant regarding your real estate investment strategy
  • Resources to help you downsize if necessary
  • Resources to help you prepare your current home for market
  • My services as a listing agent to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar
  • Resource to help you move
  • Resources to help you get settled in your new home allowing you to take advantage of your new lifestyle